Septic Inspections

Clean Delaware Inc.

Clean Delaware certified inspectors provide an accurate, unbiased and complete inspection report. Having a septic system inspected prior to the sale of a home protects both the buyer and the seller.

  • Clean Delaware employs 8 certified Class H Septic Inspectors.
  • A septic inspection will determine the following: The age, location, size, and original location of the tank; the integrity of the tank including the inlet and outlet baffles; the level of sludge in the tank; the conveyance system; the soil condition; the condition of the absorption field.
  • Upon completion of the inspection, we compile all data and issue a cover letter stating clearly the overall condition of the septic tank and what problems may be present, an independent assessment of the systems three major components and a detailed report based on DNREC standards evaluating each component.

For more information on how Septic Systems work, view Simply Septic.

Attention Real Estate Agents: Click here for Clean Delaware’s Class H Inspection Protocol Form

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