Clean Delaware, Many, many thanks for all you did to get inspections accomplished so we could go to settlement on this past Saturday. Several days of rain didn’t help the matter did it !? But Clean Delaware came through for us, and we appreciate it very much, and appreciate your personal, courteous attention to every little detail.


To Whom it May Concern: I wish to thank your company for being so helpful to me when calling. The gentleman that came to do the work was so very kind and nice. He did some explaining about our system. Again thank you so much. Please take the time to say or tell our technician job well done and thank you.


We are comforted to know that Clean Delaware is available in our community. I would also like to mention that the staff at Clean Delaware is pleasant and professional. Scheduling is convenient and prompt and they are available for any emergency that should need immediate attention.

W.B., Municipal Customer

Thank you for a job well done. All of your men did an exceptional job.

The C’s

Clean Delaware, We appreciate our service technician’s services. He was knowledgeable and friendly. It’s refreshing to see someone take pride in their work. Thank you very much.


I don’t know what you pay your men; whatever it is, it’s not enough. The technicians who installed our replacement septic system were very friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain every aspect of the installation and how to care for our system going forward.

J.R., Septic Installation

Clean Delaware, LLC, Just a short not to let you know how pleased I was of the service on Wed. May 3rd. The service man found the problem quickly and had it resolved quickly. He knows his business. We appreciate your response to all our problems in the last two years.


Thank you so much for your excellent, prompt, professional service. Sewage is serious business!


Clean Delaware provides an absolutely essential service for our company. I know of no other company capable of providing this level of service in the area.

V.M., Industrial Customer

We depend on [Clean Delaware] to dispose of our bio-solids, and we have thousands of customers that depend on us. We are your partners for the environment. It will cause us and our customers undue hardship without the services of Clean Delaware, LLC.

D.M., Grease Customer